Human Resource

Opportunities and Challenges:

If you are a person who is brave enough to challenge and is good at creating opportunities for yourself, then I believe that you will definitely choose Hengyao. Our corporate culture determines that "people-oriented" will be our eternal pursuit. We not only pay attention to the interests of our customers, but also attach great importance to the development of our employees. We hope that the employees in this group can grow together with Hengyao and realize their own value.

personal development

Your contribution will receive the greatest attention and affirmation here. Hengyao provides more space for career development and welfare treatment for each of your efforts. This will be a talent that you can maximize your talents and achieve personal The stage of value.

we promise:

1) Be kind to every employee;

2) frank communication with employees;

3) Establish an equal partnership with employees;

4) Continuously improve the employability of employees with high quality training;

5) Encourage a positive and progressive spirit and create a level playing field.

Our collective:

Each member of Hengyao has created a warm, harmonious and friendly working atmosphere. Here, in the harmonious communication and cooperation, we will face all kinds of opportunities and challenges together. We will enjoy together:

1) Various benefits: Hengyao has rich remuneration packages and provides various benefits, including housing subsidies, food subsidies, heatstroke prevention subsidies, shuttle services, staff canteens, staff quarters, and household registration.

2) Group activities: We often hold many group activities, such as swimming competitions, river competitions, badminton, basketball games, football matches, advanced group tours, industry visits, golf day, family day, March 8th, Party members activities, annual group travel, etc.

3) On-the-job training and promotion: We provide professional and comprehensive job training courses for new employees, and provide reasonable access and space for their promotion based on their individual performance and ability.

4) Training development: The improvement of employees themselves is always our concern. We have a wealth of collections, internal and external training channels, and outings. We are committed not only to providing more training opportunities to our employees, but also to encouraging and supporting our employees' self-learning.